Training & Team-building

Training & Team-building

Kaya’s adaptable team of musicians and facilitators are specialists in the provision of  Teambuilding Events, Staff Away-Days, Conference Energisers and Training Programmes – For any number of people.

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From small staff groups to large corporate teams, anyone can benefit, in many ways, from our workshops and events.

All of our team-building and training events are bespoke and we work directly with you to create the best possible solutions to meet your aims, goals and objectives. If you’re looking for a vibrant and engaging way to start or finish a conference, a celebration or a specifically targeted, goal-structured event then we can help.

This is what some of our clients have said about us. . .

“I can’t thank you enough for facilitating such a fabulous and seemingly effortless’ day!  It all ran so smoothly!”

“If you do need a team-building experience, Kaya Drums are the best! They have a wonderful persona about them. Relaxed and fun yet they seem to gain the confidence of even the most reluctant!”

“Everyone had a great time drumming – people are still talking about it now! Thanks for bringing your drums and enthusiasm along!”

“Thank you for everything and for being so flexible and solution-focussed.”

“Thanks again for a fantastic afternoon – the team is still buzzing about it!”



Each of our Training Programmes is designed to suit your needs; to give you an idea of how it could work for you, here’s the outline of a training day we ran for Occupational Therapists working in Mental Health.

What are the aims?:

The aims are:
– To provide staff working directly with mental health patients with the knowledge and skills necessary to run therapeutic rhythm based activities with patients – or to be able to fully support and augment activities run by other practitioners.
– To give staff an opportunity to bond and gain insight into dialogue and good communication within a team.
– To develop an enhanced understanding of the value of facilitated music making with any group of people.
– To have a training experience which is practical, valuable, stimulating, inspirational and fun.
Outline of the one day training programme:

What is it about?:

The training day is a hands-on course focussed on using rhythm in therapeutic settings.
Participants will experience some of the games, exercises and methods that are already used in these settings.
Participants will also be involved in metaphor based team building exercises (which are also transferable to therapeutic environments)
There will be opportunities to practice (what they are learning) throughout.
There will be discussion windows throughout the day to allow chance for question and answer on each aspect – Including a feedback session at the close.
We will use a variety of different percussion instruments as well as vocal, body percussion and found sound exercises.

Who is it for?:

The training is aimed at staff working in mental health settings, although it is entirely transferable to other settings and demographics.  Any member of staff will gain from this training as it not only a way of exploring practical applications of rhythm work, but also works well as a team building or community strengthening programme.

Because we understand that every group of people and every event is different we will  adapt what we offer to suit your group. We will ensure that you have an engaging and effective experience that will leave you feeling invigorated and satisfied that your message has been delivered and absorbed by every member of your team.