Schools Workshops

Schools Workshops

Kaya Rhythm & Arts will actively engage any number of participants of any age and any ability – and we offer open and structured workshops and programmes to suit. Whether at a Pre-School, Primary School, Secondary School, Special Needs School, College or University, we guarantee that you will leave wanting more.

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“A HUGE thank you from all of us for a wonderful day of drumming. The children enjoyed themselves so much and music enrichment added a fantastic dimension to our day of creative arts.”

– Jo Macleod, Holt Primary School –

Workshops can be one hour, half a day, a whole day or several days long.

Regular classes, PPA cover, and long-term projects are also possible.

There is a great selection of offerings on our menu and we are very happy to create a package to suit any theme or objective.

The Kaya Menu:

Drum Circles and ‘Interactive Rhythm Events’

  • Drumming; games; rhythms; songs and dance activities designed to engage everyone.
  • These events utilise a wide variety of modern and traditional instruments and teaching methods.
  • We encourage input from participants to shape the direction of each school workshop.
  • This is the most open workshop format we use and is highly adaptable.

African Drumming, Storytelling, Dance and Art

  • Traditional drumming rhythms, dances, songs and folk tales.
  • Real African drums and other instruments.
  • Exciting and educational activities to suit all ages and abilities.
  • Mask and Shield making based around personal and cultural identity.

Native American Drumming, Songs, Storytelling, Art and Dance

  • Traditional drumming, songs and dances of the Seneca Iroquois.
  • Stories from the Sioux, Cherokee, Seneca and many more.
  • Traditional Sioux style Tipi that can be used as an outdoor classroom.
  • Make Dream Catchers, Totem Poles and Talking Sticks

Puppet-Making and Puppetry

  • Shadow Puppets; Hands Puppets; Marionettes
  • Recycled Puppets; Tiny Puppets; Enormous Puppets
  • Make puppets; create stories; breathe life into your ideas

Samba Drumming Workshops

  • Workshops for all ages
  • Processions and Parades
  • A great way to energise and invigorate

“Kaya have had a long-lasting partnership of over 12 years with our school; weaving drumming, rhythm, story telling and more into every visit.
They are a thoroughly engaging, all-inclusive company who inspire even the most reluctant of musicians to create great rhythms and let go of inhibitions.
Alex has also skilfully coaxed over 100 adults into achieving musical excellence with buckets of good humour and great patience!!
I never hesitate to recommend their workshops to other schools and any age group!
Uplifting; Life-affirming; Genius!”

– Shelley Irvine, Preshute Primary School –

Prices are flexible – to suit your budget.

All of the workshops we offer can be used separately, combined to fit a theme or to offer a variety of activities. They can also be adapted to suit different types of events, regular activities and demographics.

  • Education for all ages
  • Families and Community Groups
  • Therapeutic settings
  • Youth activities
  • Term-Time or Holiday Clubs
  • Teambuilding
  • After School Clubs
  • Parties for Children and Adults
  • Weddings
  • Hen and Stag Parties
  • Summer Camps
  • Holiday Activities
  • Celebrations
    And more. . .

“It’s more about the people we play with, than the music or art we create, and the experience is wonderful – the results are pretty amazing too!”
– Alex Miles, Director and Senior Facilitator, Kaya Rhythm & Arts –

Kaya workshops support the aims of the National Curriculum
(Key Stage 1 – 3 and Foundation Stage) by enabling pupils to
learn about controlling sounds and creating and developing
musical ideas while also understanding world cultures – African
Native American and more.