Latest News

Thanks to everyone who has supported us throughout 2016 so far.

Here’s a little taste of some of the things we’ve been up to:

APRIL – Hundreds of Brownies drumming at National Trust HQ in Swindon


MAY – Native American Day at Kemble Primary School


JUNE – Beaver Babble in Pewsey (Space Music)


JULY – African Drumming and Dance at many, many Schools



AUGUST – Talking Sticks at Swindon Home Ed. Group


SEPTEMBER – Painted Floats for Pewsey Carnival


Old News


Alex has finished creating this website!

With huge thanks to everyone who helped make it happen: Nigel Buck (essential technical support), Dave Moore (initial ideas and more), Emma, Toby and Ben Miles (moral support and editing) and of course the cats (for any spelling, grammar or other glitches – it was their insistent little paws and not me, honest).

Also important to mention everyone in the photos, or who wrote lovely things about us –  and all the schools, businesses and community groups that we’ve had the greatest of pleasure working with over the last 20 years and more.

Here’s to the exploration and the journey into the future and whatever treasures we discover along the way; to the songs to be sung; to the music to be played and danced to; to the people we will meet and the stories yet to unfold.

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